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The Reality Show Mindset

by Dan Groteboer

I like this new show on TV called Cake Boss. It takes place in an Italian Bakery where we see how they make these amazing specialty cakes for weddings, charities, occasions etc. And, they are incredible!. Last night they made one for a children’s hospital and they had a big yellow cartoon style airplane perched on top of a slab of sky blue icing and a puffy cloud and it served 500 people. He made a stunning tiered wedding cake with cascading Cali lily’s for a bride and she hated it, and he made her another one which was also exquisite. I would have thrown it in her face!

And this brings us to the point of the article. This cake guy has an incredible mindset. He takes such pride in his work and it is his mission to make extraordinary cakes and make his customers happy no matter if its bridezilla, a charity cake on the house, or a rush job that he is insane to say yes to. In any scenario he comes to the table to play, and to win.

Successful people have a mindset that is continually moving them towards their goals. What is your mindset?

Author:  Jacqui Markowitz

Be the Difference...

by Dan Groteboer


Be Green. Be Giving. Be Doubled. Be Great.

Be the Difference...

Listen to Why We're Here?

A survey conducted by Harris Interactive substantiated Boys & Girls Club impact with results from a 2007 alumni survey:

90% report the Club was one of the best things available in their community;

82% agree that their participation in the Club helped them develop a sense of responsibility to give back to their community;

77% report learning good leadership skills;

62% report that the Club played a role in becoming more committed to their education; and

57% report that the Club ?saved my life.

The vision of Boys & Girls Club is to give every child access to a safe, nurturing, educational environment that positively impacts their lives. Boys & Girls Club wants youth participants to have a sense of belonging and ownership about their Club. Membership allows for responsibility and accountability to their Club, which to many is a home away from home. The Club is able to provide programs and services to youth that other agencies have difficulties reaching and is dedicated to reducing the barriers families in need face when accessing quality programs.

We need your help to support kids who need us most. Donate now to make a difference in the life of a child. Become a Sustaining Investor. For only $50 a month you can give a child a full year of life enhancing programs at the Club.


 Invest Now in Rochester youth by making a donation today.

All donations up to $17,500 will be matched 100% by Think Mutual Bank until June 26th!! Become a sustaining investor and have your entire pledge matched!


Thank you to our current online investors!!

Mayo Friendship Club

John Marshall High School Students

Julia Accola

Tamara Berg

Joel Blahnik

Kathy Bonapace

Mike & Nancy Domaille

Larry Guse

Karen Hanson

Sandra & Dominic Hillesheim

Pastor Lester & Dianna Horntvedt

Barb Huus

Larry Kent

Mark & Cheryl Kieffer

Kyle Kirchner

Lynne Kirklin

Sheila Kiscaden

Ruth Larson

Barb& Gary Malat

Jeff & Kristy Mintz

Tom & Carolyn Richards

Marilyn Riederer

Thomas & Pamela Sebo

Richard & Susan Stirn

Chris & Stacey Terry

Joyce Wenz

Earlene Wickre

Vicki Wolff


Please pass this exciting opportunity to all who may be interested in supporting Rochester youth!


Boys & Girls Club of Rochester | 1026 E. Center Street | Rochester, MN 55904 | 507-287-2300

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Boys & Girls Club Day at Panera Bread

by Dan Groteboer

Be Green. Be Giving. Be Doubled. Be Great.

Panera Bread helps support Boys & Girls Club of Rochester by donating 25% of all proceeds during business on June 16th to support the Club. This event will help to raise awareness of Boys & Girls Club of Rochester’s “e-campaign”; which encourages people to go online to invest in youth and the community. Funds will be used to support programs and services provided by Boys & Girls Club of Rochester to help all youth

Be Great.

Additionally, ALL donations made during this event will be MATCHED 100% by Think Mutual Bank!

As a board volunteer, you can support this initiative in the following ways (and earn a FREE t-shirt)

Volunteer at one of the Panera locations during one of the following times: 7:30am-9:30am, 11:30am-1:30pm, and 5:30pm-7:30pm

Visit Panera on June 16th with ALL of your friends.

Take advantage of Panera’s new Via Panera Catering!

Panera Bread now offers FREE Delivery on all orders $50 or more off the catering menu. Place orders by 5pm on June 15th; show your co-workers how much you appreciate them and order lunch!

Tell all your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, strangers to go to Panera on June 16th!!

Panera Locations:
Panera Bread North - 3780 Marketplace Dr. NW
Panera Bread South - 460 Crossroads Dr. SW

Allow Yourself to Succeed

by Dan Groteboer

Allow Yourself to Succeed

By Jacqui Markowitz


Success lies within each of us.

My friend told me a fascinating story. She went to a spa in Arizona, where you hike, meditate, heal - it sounds like a marvelous combination of the physical and the spiritual. One of the things she did is to climb a pole. They put her in a harness and she climbed using stepping rungs a 25 foot pole and when she arrived at the top she was told that she should climb on to the top of it and stand up.

How do you possible maneuver your body to climb up on such a small circumference with nothing to hold to hoist yourself up? It sounds impossible. How do you get one foot up and then balance at that height to place your other foot on top and stand? 

She struggled. She was frustrated. She screamed that she couldn't do this, that is was not possible, she cried. They kept encouraging her. And then she did the most remarkable thing.

She stopped. She focused her mind. She chanted to herself, "G-d loves me" and she placed on foot on the circle, and then the other, and then she stood straight and completed the pole.

She then allowed gravity to propel her body back to the ground. Invigorated. Inspired.

She had tapped into a source of power that lay deep within herself to overcome her challenge. For her it was her faith in G-d. What is it for you?

I believe that we all have incredible strength which often remains dormant until we are challenged. And then, we uncover a piece of ourselves which allows us to soar and reach our ultimate success.

Meditate YOUR way and reap the rewards

by Dan Groteboer

Meditate YOUR way and reap the rewards

Monday, May 11, 2009 by Marc Manieri

I'd be willing to bet that you know someone who meditates regularly.  I'd also be willing to bet that that person is someone who experiences peacefulness often and whom good things tend to happen on a regular basis.  

The idea of meditation has gone relatively mainstream - it's an accepted practice in our world today and generally speaking, even if we don't do it ourselves, we accept the fact that meditation is a healthy way of taking care of our emotional and spiritual well being.  Meditation is a form of personal mindset coaching; it builds emotional resilience.  In short, it makes us more peaceful.  And when we're at peace, life is easier; we're easier to be around; we get along with and communicate with people more effectively.  All of these truths lead to one result: increased opportunity and abundance.

So if the above is true (and it is), why aren't more people practicing meditation?  The answer is because the word mediation conjures up visions of a yoga guru sitting atop a mountain, legs crossed, palms up, eyes closed, in deep, concentrative thought.  Not that there's anything wrong with this picture, of course, but there's no doubt that many of us have  preconceived beliefs about meditation.  Most of those beliefs are limiting.  When I ask people if they meditate, I hear things like, "I don't have the time;" "I don't have the right environment;" "I can't sit still." Perfect, me neither.

The truth is that there's no one perfect way to meditate.  There are many.   The cool thing is it doesn't matter how you do it.  What matters is that you change your thinking around whether or not you can meditate and do something - in a way that works for you - so you get the rewards outlined above.  I'll illustrate 4 different ways of meditation below.  Pick one, or create a variation of one, or make up something - and try it 1 day a week to start and record how you feel afterward.  I'll bet you'll experience peacefulness and clarity that makes you want to do it more often.

1.              Traditional. Okay, if you're open minded about all this mediation stuff than you can try traditional meditation techniques right off the bat.  In doing this, you'll want to find a quiet place - this could be a quiet room in your home, your backyard, the woods, the library - even your car.  Get comfortable.  Sit indian style (or legs in front of you, whatever makes you most comfortable) with your back straight, palms up resting on your legs.  Gently close your eyes or keep them open.  Breathe in and out through your nose.  Your mind will start to wander; when it does, turn your attention back to your breath and stay focused here for as long as it feels right.  Try this for just 5 or 10 minutes; extend your meditation sessions as you continue.  Upon completion, notice how you feel.  Perhaps you feel a bit more peaceful and relaxed.  And remember, there's no success or failure when you meditate.  It's the process itself, regardless of what transpires, that's important to your well being.  For more information on how to traditionally meditate, visit this link:

2.              Walk or exercise.  Meditation is as much about clearing your mind and connecting to source (or the universe, or God, or the earth - whatever your spiritual beliefs are).  When you do this, you access peace.  For many, walking or exercising is a great way to clear their mind.  Taking 20 minutes a day to focus on your "to be" list instead of your "to do" list is crucial to achieving a state of peacefulness.  The key here is to be intentional around clearing your mind; simply going to the gym and working out as normal doesn't accomplish this.  However, if you find great peacefulness in exercising, turn it into a meditation practice too by focusing on your breath and keeping your mind clear of thoughts.  Do this, and you'll get a spiritual work out in addition to a physical one.

3.              Listen to music.  Music plays an important role in the world as it consciously changes our physical state.  We can be upset, put on our favorite song, and immediately feel better.  Well, how we feel is a reflection of the thoughts we're thinking.  So meditation is about exercising our "mind muscle" and learning how to manage our thoughts.  When we do this, we build our emotional resilience and strengthen our ability to be calm in the face of adversity.  You can be just about anywhere and meditate with music - in your room, the car, even the subway.  The best music to meditate to is slow in rhythm and beat (remember, we're trying to slow our thoughts down and ultimately clear our mind completely of all thoughts), and purely instrumental.  Words are okay, they just tend to slow one's ability to focus on the breath and clear the mind. Again, be intentional about focusing on your breath.  After 15 minutes of music meditation, you'll notice a difference right away. 

4.              Journal.  Journaling is one of the most therapeutic forms of meditating because the results are so instantaneous.  When you journal, the moment your pen touches paper or your fingers hit the keyboard, you start to feel better.  Why?  Because you're unloading your thoughts out of your brain.  The average human being has 60,000 thoughts per day, many of which are toxic. Journaling releases these thoughts and literally clears your mind.  Go to the the dollar store, buy a $1 spiral notebook, find a pen in any drawer in your home, and write.  Or, go to and access free journaling software.  You'll get a free, web-based, password protected journal, complete with 52 weeks worth of writing assignments.  The key to journaling in making it a meditative practice is not just writing about what happened in your life, but how that makes you feel.  Now you're clearing your mind of thoughts (because feelings are a reflection of thoughts, remember?) and giving yourself the opportunity to focus on what makes you feel good. 

So there you have it.  Meditating can be as traditional as the Dalia Lama himself, or it can be any activity that provides a channel for you to access peace.  Clear your mind, focus on your breath and just be still and silent.  When you do this, you access peace, and in turn, start to allow the universal law of attraction to work in your favor, bringing people and opportunities into your life that perhaps you never thought possible.  Oh, and let's not forget: you'll feel better!


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