Every once in a while, for a period of time, I fall into a pattern of behaviour. Particularly with respect to the way I eat. For example, I can decide that I am cutting back on carbs for a few months and eliminate all pasta, rice, bread, and potatoes from my diet. I can also decide I really enjoy having grapefruit in the morning and do it every day for a couple of weeks. I just get that way until I feel like switching it up and trying something new.

Well today was only day three of one of those new patterns. For the past two days, on my way to work in the morning, I would go through the drive-through window of Country Style and pick up a large green tea and a toasted multi-grain bagel with butter. The conversation usually starts with “Good morning, can I take your order?” 

This morning something very different happened as I approached the drive-through window. The voice coming out of the order box said “Would you like a large green tea and a toasted multigrain bagel with butter?”

I was blown away. How did she know? Could she see me? I wasn’t even at the window yet. I was in my car. Did they have a secret video device? How did she know who I was? How did she remember my order? It had only been two days.

“Yes! That’s exactly what I want. Thank you!” I looked around to notice that she could see me from the window inside the restaurant and she recognized my car. I waved and gave her a thumbs-up as a result of my excitement over her getting my order right without me even saying it.

I approached the window and saw her. She had a big smile on her face. As she handed me my order I said “You are amazing. How did you know?” 

Here’s what she said, “You ordered it two days in a row…” 

Wow. Talk about taking pride in the work you do. Talk about service. Talk about mindset. 

At the end of the day, this is a woman who serves coffee to people, through a window, yet she finds a way to make her job engaging and something that is important and enjoyable for her. This is what we teach at Frame of Mind Coaching. It’s not so much what you are doing that’s important but rather how you think about what you are doing that matters. 

A common coaching question that people ask me is how they can be happy when what they are doing is menial and unimportant. 

My answer is that importance is derived from the meaning you give to it. The woman at the drive-through counter delivered outstanding service today, made someone smile and created a blog-worthy experience. How meaningful is that? Those moments can happen anywhere, anytime, anyplace no matter what you are doing. 

Author:  Kim Ades